Fantasy Snow Effect : Photoshop Manipulation Photo Effects Editing Tutorial

By Sandeep - February 08, 2018

Hi Everybody, In this Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial,
I will show you guys, Fantasy Snow Effect in the Photoshop.

This is a very Easy Tutorial, Only we have to do only Cutting the Background or just place the and then go to Filter and then Hover mouse on the Blur and then Pops out there Sub Varient of Blur options and then select Gaussian Blur and set Value as per your requirement.

Create a new blank layer and then Go to filter and then Select Noise Option and then Add noise as per requirement and then hit okay, after all that, go again in the filter and then Blur or Gaussian blur set value 4 or 5% and then hit Okay.

After all that layer is almost ready to give a snow effect in your picture and then go to Image and then select adjustment and then select threshold option by default gives value then there is pole, that pole lil bit move the left side then hit okay. Then go to Blending Option and the Choose underlaying layer and just play with it as per your requirement.

Thank you so much for watching or visiting :)

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