Photoshop Tutorial | High-End Skin Softening & Texture 2018

By Sandeep - February 25, 2018

In This Video I will you Show you Advanced Technique for Flawless Skin Retouching, learn to maintain a beautiful skin texture, make the skin look as if airbrushed.

Duplicate the layer two times, one for Smoothness,
second for High Pass.

1st BG layer, Go to Filter then Blur and then Gaussian Blur set value as per your Resolution of the Picture. 
2nd BG layer, Go to Filter option and then Choose Others Option and then High Pass, set value less than 2 or 3%.

High Pass Layer Set Blend Mode to Linear Light and then Group them 1st & 2nd by pressing Ctrl+G.
After all that Create Negative layer mask with the help of Alt+Click on the layer mask.

After then, Select Normal Brush along with white Color and then Start Brushing on the Skin Area and leave Hard Skin Area.

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