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By Sandeep - April 28, 2019

We will learn, in this video Autumn Color Effect in a few Click as well as with the help of Channels.

In this Photoshop Autumn Effect Tutorial which is part of my Soft Light Effect series, I will show you how you can Transform any regular Photo into Autumn Color Effect and then add Bunch of Leaves to make look even more Dope!

Duplicate the layer just for the Backup
Go to Image > Mode > Lab Color
Select Don't Flatten Option

Select Channels in the Layer
Select "B" and then press Ctrl+A to Select All
after that Copy by pressing Ctrl+C
Select "A" and then Paste it by pressing "Ctrl+V"

Select Lab
Deselect by pressing Ctrl+D
Go to > Image > Mode > RGB Color
Don't Flatten
you can Add Adjustment Layer.

Stock Resources

Model 1 Download

Model 2 Download

Action File Download

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