AQUA and ORANGE Color Grading Effect in Photoshop + FREE ACTION FILE

By Sandeep - April 09, 2020

Free Learn Photoshop Online, In this Photoshop Tutorial, learn how to make aqua and orange color grading effect in photoshop. I will show you how to easily make teal and gold color grading effects in photoshop.

first of all, go to the adjustment layer > channel mixer after opening the channel mixer

select the green channel
select green color and set to 0% and set blue color to 100%
select blue channel select a green color and set to 100% and select a blue color set to 0%
after all these, change the blend mode to the Lighten

After all, that go to the adjustment layer and choose the selective color and then select a red color and set the cyan +50 and yellow set +100, select white color set black to -20, select neutral color set cyan to -20 and the last one is the select black color set black to +20.

I will provide a free action file to you guys easy to apply to your image.

Stock Resources

Model 1 Download

Model 2 Download

Free Action File Download

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