Moody Dark Blue Color Grading Effect in Photoshop + FREE Photoshop Action

By Sandeep - October 17, 2021


In this Moody Dark Blue Color Grading Photoshop Tutorial, learn How to make a moody dark blue/teal color grading effect in photoshop. I will show you how to easily make dark moody teal/blue color grading effects in photoshop.


1. First of all Duplicate the layer

2. Go to Image "Mode" select "Lab Color" (Don't Flatten)

3. Go to Channels, Select A Channel Select All (Ctrl+A) + (Ctrl+C) and then select B Channel and paste it (Ctrl+V)

4. Go to Image "Mode" select "RGB Color" (Don't Flatten)

5. Hue/Saturation = Master Saturation -20%, Cyan = Hue +10% and Saturation -70%.

6. Curves using to give a matte finish to the image.

7. You can add as per your need adjustments...

Follow these easy steps by step

Stock Resources

Model 1 Download

Model 2 Download

Action File Download

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